Fantastic Ideas for Edible Landscaping

Ever heard of the term edible landscaping? As crazy as it sounds, it does exist and it is used by landscapers! The phrase refers to landscaping that you can actually eat. While you may imagine the Chocolate Room from Willy Wonka, this concept is a little bit plainer. The landscape incorporates edible plants, bushes, walls, herbs, and fruits and vegetables. These are healthy foods you can pick off the land and eat. The plants are strategically placed so that they blend in and make the property more beautiful. Additionally, you’ll save room in your garden and pantry for food storage. If you want to incorporate this concept into your yard, follow these tips from Sacred Space Garden Design.



Bushes and other shrubberies are commonly used in landscaping. Why not make them edible, too? The cranberry bush could make an excellent addition to your yard. It’s a bush that can double as a hedge. Expect it to grow between 6 to 10 feet tall. In the spring, you’ll see white flowers and then bright red fruit. Cranberries are excellent for straight plucking or using in jams and baked items. If you’re not loving cranberries, opt for brambles. Brambles are great for creating privacy because they act as a barrier. You may grow either blackberries or raspberries from home without paying the expensive grocery store price. Alternatively, you may want bush plums on your lawn. They grow cherry plums, which are tart fruits that make excellent jams and jellies. They start out as white flowers and then ripen. These bushes reach heights of 6 to 10 feet. Last, consider the little yet decorative currant bush, which reaches 5 feet in height. In a group formation, they are great for concealing unattractive air conditioners and electric boxes. The red, black, or white fruits make great juices and jams.


When referring to edible walls, it doesn’t mean walls you can walk up to and lick and chomp on. These are standard walls and fences that grow edible items. Solid walls could benefit from kiwi vines or edible climbing roses or an espalier. For your fences, you may consider plants that grow upright such as tomatoes, anise, sunflowers, and asparagus. Alternatively, consider a vine plant such as raspberries and blackberries. A similar vine could be jicima or Choko. On the other hand, you may prefer those seasonal plants like beans, peas, cucumbers, melons, squashes, and nasturtiums. As for other ideas, consider grape vines and non-toxic honeyberries.

Fruits and Veggies

Maybe you want to grow standalone trees and plants that produce fruits and veggies. Think about planting trees that can produce apples, pears, and cherries. They’ll be pretty in the spring and give you a good crop in the middle of summer. For your walkways, imagine how peppers and tomatoes would appear along the sides. Hues of yellow, orange, red, and other colors would certainly make these walkways pop. Tomatoes may also go in window boxes. Herbs like basil would accentuate the tomatoes. Another way to incorporate red into your landscape is to place potted strawberry plants along the steps. Spring brings forth white and pink plants while summer will produce a rosy red fruit. For more ideas on edible landscaping, be sure to consult Sacred Space Garden Design or a similar company. Good luck and don’t neglect to enjoy the fruits of your labor–literally!


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U Pull n SaveYou’re in a tight spot when you need a specific part for a specific make or model of car and you’re not able to afford it at the price your local auto parts store wants you to pay. You’re in an even tighter spot when you can’t find the right part altogether. An unorthodox size of wheel on a less popular car or a starter for twenty-year old vehicle can take weeks to arrive if you have to order it in. Until it does show up on your doorstop, you’re stuck bumming rides, living your life by the bus schedule or just hoofing it around town. But before you lace up your walking shoes, try going to a place like U Pull n Save. You’ll be able to search among the hundreds of cars they have in stock, find the correct part yourself and save a little bit of money in the process. Continue reading